Produced in Italy

All our articles are produced in Italy using only high quality selected materials. In this way we can supply high-quality guaranteed products. Paying particular attention to man and environment we select our suppliers with severe evaluation’s criteria, green and eco-friendly production processes first.

Research, innovation and use of high-tech materials with high-energy performances: these are the values that allowed us to reach important goals; we surprise the market with advanced solutions, like the first coated polystyrene panel, coloured with stone effect, absolutely realistic and similar to the natural one.

We also are the first and only company in the world to produce the “mural panels”. A monochromatic or coloured representation on panels, available also in big size, which can be obtained by assembling the elements. We started with the Polystyrene Panel with faux brick effect and then we arrived to the Polystyrene Panel with faux stone effect. In the meantime we studied the Polystyrene Panel with faux concrete effect.

For all our articles we offer also a range of products for their applying and finishing, such as plaster for polystyrene panels and glue for polystyrene panels and profiles.

Concerning the aesthetic look we reached the top with the coloured and coated polystyrene panel, it’s very similar to the real one and is obtained with natural colours, resistant even outside.

The Polystyrene panel with mural effect is very particular and unique. You can print all images you want, as if it were a real mural. In fact all the design is realized in our factory and can be applied on your support. Easy, simple, clean.

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