Building renovation and regeneration
In this part of the website, you will find articles and news concerning building renovation and regeneration both in public and private area. Over the last few years, the building renovation has been increasing, mostly due to the Italian real estate situation: building are quite old, need maintenance and renovation according to recent laws concerning f. e. earthquake’s resistance. Nowadays energy improvement has become very important, especially for the insulation of walls, door and windows’ frames, rolling-shutter boxes and for doors and windows holes.

  • Faux wrought-iron Decorative Bracket

    Finding innovative ideas for home furnishing is certainly easier today than it was in the past. There are countless possibilities suggested by the net, for those who want to give a unique touch to their home. Sometimes, however, beauty does not go hand in hand with the cheapness of products and it is often necessary …

  • Columns Covering with faux Stone

    An essential element on which we maintain a straight line in our work is the versatility of our products, which in addition to being suitable for DIY installation can be really used in many environments. Do you want concrete proof? The faux stone of our polystyrene panels has covered a column of a ski school …

  • Polystyrene faux stone

    Wall Covering with faux Coreno Stone

    All the places in your home can be modernized and embellished with something different from the usual white wall. Sometimes, however, you are afraid of making improvements, because you are worried about having to completely overturn what is already there. You are afraid to put the rooms upside down for days with dust and dirt. …

  • Mould and its causes. How to solve the problem ?

    Air quality is an important element to keep under control, especially in the winter season, when mould tends to appear in the high and low corners of the walls, by the thermal bridges on the floors above ground level. Moulds are a type of fungi that reproduce by spores and can cause damage to humans, …

  • Application faux brick greco

    Faux greek brick

    Our company has been specialized for years now in the processing of polystyrene decorative panels, which can be used not only for interior decoration, but also for outdoor use. In this specific case, we want to introduce you to the Faux Greek Brick panel, made in a particular colour and using selected raw materials. Decoresin …

  • New Mural Panel

    We are pleased to introduce the new Mural Panel with faux stone or brick effect. Thanks to a special technology and to our resins we can print any picture on our coated polystyrene panels. We can print whether a logo, a phrase, a picture, a background or anything else on a single panel or on …

  • Styrofoam panels faux stone

    Faux stone panels for wall cladding

    Nowadays people try to introduce in home renovations an old atmosphere, even with modern furnishings, linear and simple design, smooth and easy to clean surfaces, with clear colour tones. People want to have functional spaces, with contemporary style combined with relax corners with a traditional atmosphere, introducing natural elements like stone and wood. The faux …

  • 5 tips to save energy thanks to the windows

    Would you like to save on the bill? Have you ever thought about doing this by changing your locksmiths or buying new ones? The most effective and cost-effective way to save energy, is to use high quality insulating fixtures. Sometimes it may not be easy, but there are some things you can follow.   REPLACE …

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